Monday, August 11, 2014

The Blog Hop Begins

As previously posted here and on Writing without Workshops, I've enlisted a few people to start out a “blog hop”. I've never done this before, and I don't think any of the people starting it out have either, but that's not stopping us.

The idea of it is to encourage writers to discuss their own work in a way that will be relevant to themselves and to 
readers interested in writing and the writing life. The plan is to give a lift to participating bloggers about writing, to further build the writing community, to exchange ideas about writing, and to support each other in our writing projects.

This first group of people will answer one simple question: Why are you working on the project you are writing now? Why is it important? (to you, or to the world, or…) and then tag two other bloggers who produce interesting work--and who have agreed to participate.

After that, they will tag the post with #importantbook #writingwithoutworkshops so that, if you search for these terms together, you'll find all blogs connected and tagged. You'll have access to lots of blogs (eventually—at least I hope so...) this way.

The tagged bloggers will follow the same pattern... Kind of like a chain letter, except that you get a choice to agree to it or not, and there is no threat of impending doom if you don't want to do it. Plus we might get some new information, find a new audience, and maybe make some more writing pals.

Right now, we've got the participating starters, but as the invitations spread, we'll find new people that we didn't know about. 

Obviously, even I haven't done my post answering the question and featuring two bloggers yet—but you should see one in the next week.

The people I'm asking to start previously showed an interest in the blog hop. I'm emailing them today about the start. Look for them:

KatieO'Rourke is working on a novel which is doing well on Authonomy. (And it's set in Arizona! Yay!) Her blog is mostly about writing, being a writer—and she reviews lots of books.

SherrySiegal is undisciplined and trying to get more organized. Her posts have a sense of lightness and humor, and are more like creative essays than blog posts.

LauraBeth Ketterer  is working on what she's termed to be a “zombiesque”, but that's not what her blog is about. Enter her world.

Ovi Demetrian has a graphic novel that is coming out right about now. He did the publishing and it's beautiful. He blogs not only on writing, but on a lot of other tech things that are relevant to writers who are trying to self-publish or market themselves online.

SonnyBohanan is a former newspaper reporter and editor, and is currently the chief copy editor for the American Literary Review. His blog is an eclectic mix of creative nonfiction, essays, reviews, and family stories.

Aashdoda is a self-proclaimed “seeker of truth”, and I think her truth means finding the best in things, even the miserable things. 

MartyLeake is dealing with retirement. And writing a lot.

KeithYeung--Reading, writing, and the things that go on in the mind of a reader / writer.

LibraryFrog (aka Erin)–-Get your poetry fix here!

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